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How did we start our quest to bring you the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear?

We started by buying some socks. Then we bought a whole lot more socks, then some more, and even a few more after that. (Keep this between us, but we may have blown the budget a little on our ‘testing phase’). 

We tried every sock we could get our hands on, putting them through all sorts of tests, then pulling them apart, trying to understand what made some socks so much better than others. 

What makes some fall down so easily? Why would some leave marks on you? Why do some smell so bad? And why the heck can’t anyone make a no show sock that actually works?

Over time, we started to build an idea of exactly how we wanted our socks to look, feel and perform.

The next step was finding factories who could help us deliver on this. We reached out to a number of them all over the world and had samples arriving almost daily. We weren’t going to settle for anything less than what we believed were the best all round socks possible. After months of back and forward, sometimes just for the smallest of iterations, our dangerously large courier bills finally came to a halt as we did it, we had the perfect socks.  

A range of socks so comfortable you wouldn’t want to take them off. Socks that supported and cushioned your foot, no matter what you were doing. Socks that would stay up but wouldn’t leave marks on your foot and up your leg. Socks made of premium materials, made to last.

We refused to take any shortcuts during this process. 

And the result?

Socks we are so proud to call our own, and more importantly, socks we can’t wait to share with you!