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The Foundations

The Foundations

Building And Beyond was all about building a brand with premium products which can work with its customers to drive meaningful impact. 

Our means to doing this was designing and building premium socks that customers loved and treating our customers as the most important thing in the world to us, because without them, there would be no “us”.

From day one, we built this business with that in mind. We have developed and evolved a strong set of guiding principles. Principles which we will continue to evolve as we work towards achieving our ambitious goals.

We are incredibly proud to be launching, to be bringing our products and our business to market.

As has already been mentioned, we have some incredibly ambitious goals, but we know we can’t get there without you, our customers. So please, don’t ever be afraid to get in contact with us, be it to share your experience with us, to give us some work ons, or to provide feedback on our products or your overall experience. 

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