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The Quality

The Quality

Over 18 months ago, the journey began to try and produce the most comfortable sock in the market.

We started by purchasing hundreds of pairs of socks. Literally hundreds, and wow did that turn into a pricey exercise! 

We analysed everything about each pair; the packaging, the composition, the specific materials, and we tested them in a variety of environments, constantly tracking factors such as wear and tear, feel, and overall performance. We tracked everything, and we started to understand what made some socks better than others, and some of the key components that really made them stand out.

This helped us build a strong idea of exactly what we wanted in our socks and we built out some designs.

Next began the process of contacting suppliers with our plans and designs and collecting samples from them. Nowhere was off limits as we looked to craft the most comfortable, highest performing sock possible.

The samples started arriving. They were tested, tweaked, sent back, improved, tested some more. What we thought may take weeks ended up taking well over a year.

We had a breakthrough when we tested and learnt more about Supima cotton; some of the rarest cotton in the world; representing less than 1% of the world’s cotton. What makes Supima unique to other cottons is the extra-long staple fiber that gives the cotton its premium properties: strength, softness and color retention.

The difference it made to the feel and performance of socks was incredible. As we investigated it further, we learnt  that it can only be grown in a few select regions, like the Southwest and Far West America, this is because the premium plant requires a nice long growing season in a hot, arid environment. Rather than being rain-fed, Supima cotton plants need to be fully irrigated.

As you may expect, this meant sourcing Supima cotton was difficult, and expensive. But as per the principles of our business, we recognised this was a key component in building the most comfortable, highest performing socks, and we were never going to take any shortcuts.

So we built relationships all around the world which has led to us successfully bringing our socks to market, and have also made us an officially licensed Supima brand - New Zealand’s first Supima licensed brand!

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