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The Cause

The Cause

Cancer is a disease which does not discriminate when it comes to children, and it puts unimaginable strain on families impacted by this. The reality they face is incredibly confronting and scary.

For us, we want to provide financial aid and support during this period. And we believe we have built a business which enables customers to contribute to this through what is often deemed an everyday purchase. We help them go beyond that and contribute towards making an impact.

We plan to work with a range of charities, beginning with the Child Cancer Foundation NZ, to ensure we maximise our impact and the efficiency of our donations.

Over time, as we grow our impact, we want to work with other charities and causes too. As has been a common theme, and will always be a common theme with our business, we’d love to hear from you about causes and charities you think we could help support.

We want to work with our customers to always ensure we are making as strong of an impact as we can, and that we are contributing to causes our customers care about. 

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